The Little Preacher Brightens the Idul Fitri Prayer at AL-YA’LU

The Little Preachers of AL-YA'LU  in Idul Fitri Prayers: Faizal Hasta Ahmadani ('Id 1434H), Sultan Aziz Misbahi ('Id 1435H) and Arjal Balad ('Id 1436H)

The Little Preachers of AL-YA’LU in Idul Fitri Prayers: Faizal Hasta Ahmadani (‘Id 1434H), Sultan Aziz Misbahi (‘Id 1435H) and Arjal Balad (‘Id 1436H)

Being organizing committee of Idul Fitri Prayer event for adult people is a common thing in our community. The model of cadre forming involving the youth organizing committee also has begun to bloom. However, this is totally different. AL-YA’LU Superior Elementary School Malang formed the organizing committee involving the students themselves. Not only was that, the officials in the Idul Fitri Prayer were also the students of the school. This is the new nuance that has Continue reading

All in one, all the nuances are here

  Located at AL–YA’LU Digital School Theater, on Saturday, June 13th, 2015, the Graduation Party and Students Art Performance of AL-YA’LU Superior Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten were conducted. The event was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Moch Suhadak, SE., the Headman of Sub Arjosari, and Mr. Lukman Hakim, the Unit Head of Community Guidance Police Sector, Sub-District Blimbing and Continue reading

Duta AL-YA'LU borong piala pada Lomba PAI

The representatives of AL-YA’LU won three competitions held by The Islamic Education

Continue reading

AL-YA’LU Teachers and Students won the Championship

Borong tropi. Guru siswa dan Ibu Kepala TK Unggulan AL-YA`LU usai penerimaan tropi juara pada lomba HAN

Get trophies: Teachers, students, and the principal of AL-YA’LU Superior Kindergarten received some trophies in the National Children Day Competition.

…..On the commemoration of National Children Day 2015, the Education Department of Malang held various competitions last May (11/5). The representatives of AL-YA’LU Superior Kindergarten have never missed that annual event to follow. Not only competition for the students, teachers are also likely to reach the achievements in this event. Obviously, AL-YA’LU teachers and students have successfully brought the Continue reading

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